Blackjack strategy and some of the most specific rules

Blackjack strategy and some of the most specific rules

Blackjack is one of the most popular games today at online casino as well as large casinos. This game has a quite new way of playing and requires a lot of skills to conquer, making it easy for bettors to get carried away. So how to play this game effectively, below is Blackjack strategy that players need to know. 

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most popular games at Betso88, this game has another name, the 21-point game. During the card game Betso88, players need to try to draw their cards as close to 21 points as possible. 

Blackjack attracts many players because it is a high-stakes money-making entertainment game. To start playing, you need to use a deck of 52 cards, and when you play you will have the right to draw more cards to increase your score. In short, this game is not a form of competition between members but a competition between the house and the players.

In short, if you want to win the bet, you need to have a Blackjack strategy to beat the dealer and need to have a higher score than the dealer, but absolutely cannot exceed 21 points. This game currently has many variations and different ways of playing adjusted as well as many versions of play that will be suitable for many device models. 

Basic blackjack rules

Before participating in this game, the first thing you need to do is understand the rules of the game, below are the basic rules: 

Number of players

Each Blackjack table will have a maximum of 7 players and will have 1 instructor dealing cards to players. However, this game will be the house playing against the house, not against each other. 

Playing multiple hands – Blackjack strategy

Playing multiple hands - Blackjack strategy
Playing multiple hands – Blackjack strategy

In this game, each player is usually only allowed to participate in 1 hand in 1 game, but some casino have added many variations. Therefore the house will be heavily involved in a betting game, so as many hands as you want to participate in, you will be able to bet on as many betting boxes. 

Deck of cards

Currently, a Blackjack game will have about 6 to 8 decks of cards dealt to players. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a player to be dealt 2 cards with the same suit and identical points. 

Draw more cards – Blackjack strategy

Once you have been dealt the first 2 cards, you will not be limited in the number of times you can draw cards to increase your score. However, this score cannot exceed 21 points. The dealer also has the right to draw more cards, but can only draw more cards when the score is less than 16. 

Calculate points

Cards in order from 2 to 10 will be scored 2 to 10 points respectively. Piece A will be counted as 1 point or 11 points depending on the case, while pieces J, Q, K will be counted as 10 points.

Detailed playing process at online casino

Detailed playing process at online casino
Detailed playing process at online casino

The process of playing Blackjack is quite simple, you can follow these steps: 

Step 1: Go to the game lobby, then select the Blackjack game and choose the bet amount according to your preference.

Step 2: After the player has finished betting, the dealer will proceed to deal the cards.

Step 3: After the cards have been dealt and the number of points determined, the player has the right to draw more cards. If your score is closer to 21 or 21 points, you will win the bet. 

Step 4: When it’s the dealer’s turn to play, if the dealer’s total cards are less than 16 points, he has the right to draw more cards, but if it’s over 16, he must stop and announce the score. 

Blackjack strategy shared by experts

To be able to conquer this game is not difficult and does not count as cricket, players need to use their minds to calculate and find the rules. In addition, when you clearly understand the rules of the game, you will definitely have a much higher winning rate.

Concentrate on the bet

The best Blackjack strategy is for players to focus on the bet they are participating in and not let other factors affect the playing process. Losing concentration only makes it easier for you to make mistakes that cause you to lose your bet. Therefore, the best way to bet and always win is not to be distracted and focus on the bet. 

The best blackjack strategy is knowing how to manage the budget

To be able to bet effectively, you need to know how to manage the budget you have. Therefore, before playing, you should set yourself a specific limit, in addition, you need to divide the bet amount into small pieces to avoid losing too much money. Especially for new players who do not have much experience, you need to play from games with small to large odds once you have experience. 

Double your bets on strong positions

Depending on each dealer, there will be an additional bet doubling feature offered and it only applies when the dealer deals the first 2 cards. When using this feature, the dealer will automatically deal an additional female card and the player should choose to double when the first total is 9 or 10 points. 

Memorize the card – Blackjack strategy

To bet well, you should practice your ability to memorize cards. You need to carefully remember the cards that have previously been drawn and guess the probability of new cards. The smaller the cards drawn, the higher the likelihood that larger cards will come out, so you need to remember the cards and make appropriate decisions. 

Reasoning about the ability of the leaves to emerge

Reasoning about the ability of the leaves to emerge 
Reasoning about the ability of the leaves to emerge
  • For 2 cards the total ranges from 3 -10 points

If the total score of the two dealt cards is between 3 and 10 points, it is considered too low a score. And of course, the only option the player has to choose is to draw more cards. Because with such a low score, no matter what card a person picks, they will definitely not be beaten. 

  • For the total of 2 cards, it ranges from 16 to 17 points

If the player is accidentally dealt 2 cards with a total score ranging from 16 points to 17 points. This will definitely be the most thoughtful and thoughtful choice. Because, even though the total of 2 cards is enough points. But if you leave it like that, the probability of winning will not be high. So whether to stop or withdraw more will depend on the player’s Blackjack strategy.

  • For the total of 2 cards, it ranges from 19 – 20 points

If in case the player is given 2 cards with a total number between 19 and 20 points, the player should know that. A score of 19-20 is already a pretty high score. And to have a probability of a player drawing 1-2 extra points out of a total of dozens of cards seems to be extremely difficult. Therefore, the best decision in this case is for the player to decide. Because if you still firmly choose the option of drawing more cards, there is a high possibility that your hand will be a Bet.

With the sharing about Blackjack strategy that we have compiled above, readers will certainly have more experience in fighting and playing every game well. This is a game that is not too difficult and requires you to know how to use your mind to calculate and not leave it to chance. Therefore, when you understand these playing tips, you will definitely have a higher chance of winning bets at casino.


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