Live dealer blackjack - Detailed instructions for playing live Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack – Detailed instructions for playing live Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular and attractive casino games today. Along with the development of technology and the online casino industry, online blackjack has become a familiar game for many people, including the Live dealer blackjack version. This article of Betso88 will provide information along with detailed instructions for playing this betting game.

Introducing Live blackjack with dealer

Live online blackjack is a game derived from traditional blackjack, which uses a real dealer rather than a computer-generated program. This helps players have a similar experience to playing Live dealer blackjack but still enjoy the comfort of an online casino.

Why do many people like playing live blackjack online?

Simplicity comes from the benefits that this online betting game brings, shown through:

Realistic casino experience

Playing games with real dealers gives players the feeling of playing Live dealer blackjack in traditional casinos without having to spend time traveling, and can enjoy the comfort of their own home with their devices internet connection.

Interact directly with other players and dealers in a genuine way

Interact directly with other players and dealers in a genuine way
Interact directly with other players and dealers in a genuine way

Thanks to the use of the live casino’s video call system, players can interact directly with the dealer as well as other players, bringing the authentic feeling of playing blackjack right at live blackjack online casinos.

Diverse betting options

Live dealer blackjack casinos often offer many bets with diverse odds so you can freely choose bets that suit your preferences and budget.

The dealer is so beautiful and sexy

Real dealers when playing online blackjack live are selected as beautiful models with sexy bodies and sweet, ear-catching voices that will help players be completely satisfied throughout the playing process. Players can directly see the dealer shuffle the deck, deal the cards and turn them over. This is one of the reasons why many players choose live blackjack at live blackjack casinos Betso88.

High quality live images

Live online blackjack uses live image transmission technology through the live casino’s video call system. Therefore, live blackjack video is transmitted via a stable HD quality transmission line, providing realistic, sharp images and sounds that will make the experience of playing Live dealer blackjack come alive, satisfying the needs of the player. play.

Transmission quality ensures quality

A quality dealer will provide live blackjack videos with sharp images, sound, and stable accessibility. This can only be achieved when the live blackjack online casino is equipped with a good quality connection.

Support friendly payment channels 

Reputable bookmakers will focus on supporting payment channels, helping the transactions of players participating in blackjack live take place as quickly, conveniently and simply as possible. You can choose from different payment channels such as banks, e-wallets, phone cards…

Experience live dealer blackjack on your mobile phone

Experience live dealer blackjack on your mobile phone
Experience live dealer blackjack on your mobile phone

To meet the growing needs of players, bookmakers today focus on researching, developing and providing Live dealer blackjack applications on mobile phones. Join us to learn the difference between desktop and mobile experience:


With the mobile application, you don’t have to sit in one place, staring at the computer screen, but can play live blackjack anywhere, anytime simply with a phone with 3/ 4/5G stable. For those for whom the phone is an inseparable object, the experience of playing with mobile applications makes them feel much more convenient and interesting.

Attractive promotions

To attract more players to play blackjack live with mobile phones, many bookmakers have continuously provided attractive incentives and promotions for those who register for new accounts or deposit money into their accounts. This is a special benefit that only players using the phone application have.

Ensure seamless access

According to the laws of many Asian countries, accessing bookmakers’ homepages will occasionally encounter some problems. However, if you use the mobile app, you can access and participate in live blackjack at any time without any problems.

Instructions for playing Live dealer blackjack with a real dealer

Similar to how to play blackjack at online bookies, beginner players can participate in live blackjack with just the following 5 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Choose a reputable live blackjack casino, register as a member and log in Betso88.
  • Step 2: Send money to your account based on instructions from the house. At this step, remember to check for promotions available to you.
  • Step 3: Go to the game category, select Blackjack live and choose a table with a real dealer
  • Step 4: Make bets within the limits of the table.
  • Step 5: Receive reward and withdraw money to the beneficiary bank.

Trusted live blackjack casinos

Currently, there are many bookies that offer Live dealer blackjack services, so finding a reputable address to start experiencing multiplayer is not necessarily an easy task. If you are new, take the time to read reviews, based on the criteria we mentioned above to decide which house is right for you.

According to the experience of longtime players, some bookmakers that you can refer to to start playing in the Philippines include phfun, winph99, 77ph, 777taya, hot 646, … These bookmakers offer blackjack. Live attracts many players thanks to its diverse products and outstanding service quality.

Frequently asked questions about live blackjack with dealer

Frequently asked questions about live blackjack with dealer
Frequently asked questions about live blackjack with dealer
  • Is it possible to count cards in online blackjack? It is difficult to apply card counting strategies in live blackjack because the game usually moves slower than other regular real-location card games.
  • Is live dealer blackjack cheating? Players often worry about fraud in gambling because the players are not actually present at the casinos. However, you should not be too insecure about this, as long as you choose a reputable dealer. A reputable house will have to ensure fairness and transparency in the game to meet operating licensing regulations.
  • Can I play blackjack live on mobile? Absolutely possible, if you choose to play at a house that provides mobile applications. With the mobile app, you can start experiencing live blackjack anytime, anywhere with just a phone and an internet connection.

Above is some detailed information and instructions for playing Live dealer blackjack. Hope they are useful when you are just starting to learn this game. Take the time to choose a reputable bookmaker, register an account and start this exciting experience.


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